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About Us

Marine Impact is the happy result of two areas of expertise merging; marine conservation and volunteering. It’s a fusion of marine biologists, led by Dr Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley, and the team behind African Impact, a leading volunteer company with nearly two decades of experience in developing and running award-winning volunteer projects.

Marine biologists

With a PhD from Harvard University on genetic connectivity in various coral species, Gretchen is a reef ecologist particularly focused on the way coral reefs and their role in maintaining our oceans’ biodiversity. Based in the Cayman Islands, she heads up the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, an organization that turns cutting edge marine research into conservation-oriented projects. Gretchen and her team bring both expertise in marine biology and passion for marine conservation to our marine volunteer projects; ingredients that ensure high impact programs.

Volunteering experts

African Impact develops and runs community and conservation volunteer programs across Africa. With over 15 years of experience in this sector, an innovative approach, and a great number of awards, the company knows a thing or two about creating volunteer experiences that are inspiring, impactful, and exciting. They are excited to now use their know-how to create marine conservation volunteer programs around the world.