We couldn’t be any prouder about South Africa as a volunteer destination, for it has everything – the large cities with abundant commerce and industrial opportunities, the blended and diversified cultures and tradition, topography providing a panorama of great beauty, abundant and diverse wildlife, international conservation areas protecting biodiversity and sheltering endangered animals, and a great number of tourist attractions. It doesn’t stop there. It could be a dream travel destination for everyone, but it is also a top volunteer location for a passionate, committed and meaningful volunteering experience. 

Despite the richness, South Africa is faced with issues, loss of a huge area of natural habitat, native biodiversity, wildlife conservation, children’s education, and health. Hence, several volunteer work opportunities are also offered in the country. Marine wildlife conservation and research are some of the sought after volunteer projects in South Africa. 

The ocean life and marine creatures are some of the almost neglected treasures of South Africa, under threats, or endangered. Whatever conservation project you decide to embark on, know that you are making a meaningful and life-long impact not only to South Africa but also to its people, communities and future generations.

Check our Great White Shark Conservation project in Gansbaai, South Africa to get started with an impactful volunteer experience:

Girl shark sighting


Great White Shark Conservation Internship in Gansbaai, South Africa

Great White Shark Conservation Internship in Gansbaai, South Africa

Every Monday

Gansbaai, South Africa


The ultimate altruistic adventure for the brave hearts - Great White Shark conservation project in South Africa! A breadth of marine life experience and gaining attractive skills in the Great White Shark capital do not only translate to job skills but also develop clarity to your career path.