Turtles are regal creatures of the ocean – greatly migratory going ashore to either nest and lay their eggs, or bask, and also return to the ocean spending most of their time in the water. However, despite how beautiful and silent these creatures are, they are one of the most and over exploited species of the ocean. The turtles are slaughtered for their shells, skin, meat and eggs. These needless activities are causing an alarming threat from extinction of these fascinating sea creatures.

If you’re looking for ways to help save the turtles, Marine Impact offers you meaningful volunteering opportunities that enable you to support conservation and protection efforts for these threatened species. We have affordable turtle and marine conservation volunteer programs offered in the most stunning destinations – Cayman Islands, Zanzibar, South Africa and Mozambique.

Our projects will also allow you to explore the exhilarating marine wildlife, work along with passionate and expert conservationists, contribute to a positive and sustainable impact, and enjoy the sun and waters.

Get out of your shell and join in the pivotal conservation efforts to save the turtles!

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