The past three weeks have been one of the amazing times of my life! I've met some amazing people and taken part in some unforgettable experiences whilst doing some meaningful volunteer work that has obvious positive impacts for the local community. The immersion in the community is wonderful and will be one of the most memorable parts of this project. January 23, 2020

Sarah, AustraliaImmersing and Empowering Experience

This volunteer program was incredible. I had such an amazing time and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife conservation and being fully immersed in the local community and spending time with super friendly and like minded people. Everyone was so nice, helpful and always willing to work hard and make a positive difference. Being able to ethically swim with dolphins in their natural habitat was an experience I will never forget. January 23, 2020

Dolphin Research and Conservation in ZanzibarRhys, Australia

Overall this program has been an eye opening experience. There were plenty of once in a lifetime opportunities that I was able to witness and experience with my own eyes. As well as this, getting hands on experience in the field that I would love to work in. On top of this, the fact that I got to see and swim with one of the smartest, most majestic creatures on the planet already made this trip 10/10. The fact that the work I was doing was making a difference in assisting with research. November 28, 2019

Pole PoleNathan, Australia