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We’re marine biology experts.

Our projects are steered by some of the world’s leading marine conservationists. Driven by their deep passion for conserving ocean life that is threatened with extinction, our teams do important academic research, take part in global conservations on the fight for our oceans, and design innovative approaches to field-based work. As a marine conservation volunteer, you’ll get to learn from the best.

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We’re driven by impact.

Our programs make an important contribution to marine conservation efforts – and so will you. Whether you’ll be collecting data for research, monitoring Turtle nests or helping restore reef ecosystems, your work as a volunteer will help advance our projects, and your time with us will matter.

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We create life-changing experiences

We understand what it takes to create a volunteer experience that’s filled with both impact and enjoyment – and we thrive on finding the balance. As a volunteer, you’ll do exciting and inspiring work, and you’ll get to have an adventurous and fun travel experience at the same time.

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We work in exclusive locations

The destinations for our marine volunteer projects sell themselves – but allow us to paint the picture anyway. Think pristine, palm tree-lined beaches, shimmering turquoise water, coral reefs vibrant with color and creatures, dolphins undulating in playful movements, and whales dwarfing all other ocean life with their titanic presence. In other words – it’s paradise.

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We take care of everything

That’s right – we have you covered during the full length of your volunteering experience. We’ll arrange accommodation, meals, airport transfers, and all your daily activities. We’ll make sure to carefully introduce you to your tasks and guide you throughout your stay. This way, you can fully focus on doing impactful work – and on having an incredible time.