Dolphins are not just adorable and playful marine mammals. They are also intelligent and surely piqued everyone’s curiousity, as curious as they are. They are notably skillful mimics, have the ability to make various sounds, and many other intelligent and fun traits.

However, these friendly trait of the dolphins also has its disadvantages, as these cetaceans tend to get excessively friendly and interactive, losing their natural wariness in the process, thus making themselves an easy prey to hunters, shark attacks and also to human’s fishing gear – trawls, driftnets, on hook-and-line gear, purse seines, and gillnets. These are proven to have a severe negative impact, as well as the other issues such as noise pollution that interferes the dolphins’ ability to communicate, navigate, find prey and reproduce. 

Work along our team of professional experts who are committed to study and protect these marine mammals, while promoting peaceful communication and coexistence, and treating the dolphins with caution and respect. Swim ethically with the dolphins at the most amazing destinations.

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