Mozambique: Marine Research Internship



Grab the opportunity to acquire intensive internship experience in marine research in an incredible location – the paradisal island in Mozambique. We are inviting aspiring environmental or marine scientists to apply in an internship program that will take you to the perfect setting for marine life studies and contribute to its conservation.

Part of your role as a marine research intern is to gather data on the rich ecosystem in Mozambique, and to discover and monitor marine animals such as manta rays, turtles, dolphins and whales.You’ll be working alongside our team of driven environmentalists and scientists who are dedicatedly operating ingenious research programs in this part of the Indian Ocean, aiming to get a greater understanding of the habitat, and protecting the marine ecosystems. Significantly, you will relish every moment spent on the island, as you immerse yourself daily in this extraordinary culture and environment. You’ll get the delight of walking along pristine white sandy beaches, scuba diving, swimming amongst the colorful fishes, and discovering one of the most biodiverse coral reefs in the world.

  • The valuable learnings
  • Actual field experience in marine environment research, survey, and analysis
  • An in-depth knowledge of the marine conservation challenges in the Indian Ocean
  • Build meaningful relationship in the marine science field
  • A comprehensive awareness of marine conservation’s multifaceted nature
  • Understand how marine science is all-important in understanding the vulnerability of the ecosystems
  • Master using diving in marine research as a technical tool
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As an intern, you will take part and be involved in all the activities intended for multilayered marine conservation research provided by a nonprofit organisation. The center is Africa’s first permanent marine observatory which primarily aims to study the Archipelago’s abundant ecosystem, and to utilize the research in helping resolve both the local and regional conservation needs. This is executed by making use of time-series methods through the integration of environmental sensors, surveys and measurements to comprehend changes in the environment.

  • Observe the local marine ecosystems using the time-series techniques to predict and detect climate-driven chemical and biological changes. This includes using sensors to gauge oceanographic parameters, gathering of species for microscopic analysis, and seawater sampling
  • Conducting underwater and coastal surveys to examine marine life hotspots, for habitat mapping and species identification
  • Research on marine life migratory partners, which incorporate tracking down certain species, extracting bio-samples, then examining the samples in a laboratory setting
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You will connect with the local team of exceptional environmentalists and scientists, and be involved with every section of their daily activities. Your tasks involve:

  • Assist in habitat mapping, execute surveys, and perform marine life identification
  • Maintain underwater equipment through diving expeditions
  • Increase awareness on the mainland’s local communities about marine conservation
  • Help with ecosystem monitoring (track ocean acidification, collect seawater samples, evaluate oceanographic parameters, gather microscopic identification and plankton samples)
  • Analyze population dynamics and migratory patterns throughout research boat expeditions
  • Study marine debris to assist in scouting waste management solutions, and assist in evaluating the level of marine pollution

*Note that a PADI diving course is available on the island and interns get a 20% discount

  • Must be a student of environmental sciences, marine biology, or a related field
  • Experience in any practical research would be an advantage
  • You must have a PADI Open Water diving certificate, or the equivalent. If you don’t have the certification, you may get a diving course on the island. If the last dive is more than 6 months from the date of arrival, a refresher diving course is required. (USD 120).
  • Need to have the eagerness to learn and to gain field experience
  • Have an adaptable and creative perspective
  • Satisfactory English communication skills
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You  will be accommodated at the research center on Benguerra Island during the entire marine research internship. Bazaruto Archipelago – a protected national park and conservation area –  is made up of five small islands including the Benguerra Island. The picturesque view of sparkling sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters will greet your mornings bright. Totally an amazing abode for an internship adventure.

Aiming for it to have a slightest carbon footprint and camouflage to its surroundings, the center was cautiously created – powered by solar energy, constructed with domestic materials, and zero-waste guidelines implemented. You will have an enjoyable stay at the lovely shared dorm rooms equipped with sufficient communal areas. You will be served with three fresh-cooked meals daily.

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The internship program is offered throughout the year and interns are required to commence at the start of the month.


4-week internship: USD 2,300

8-week internship: USD 4,000

12-week internship: USD 5,700

  • Three fresh-cooked meals per day
  • Fully serviced accommodation
  • Visa transport assistance to Maxixe (for visa extension)
  • Regular reporting and one-on-one meetings with internship supervisor
  • Needed assistance such as troubleshooting
  • Recommendation letter at the conclusion of the internship
  • Airport pick up and drop off (to and from Vilankulos)
  • Park fees
  • Personal account on resource platform for career development
  • Plane tickets or flights (to and from Vilankulos)
  • Insurances (travel and medical) and visa fees
  • Transportation for (optional) weekend and personal trips or leisure activities
  • Offered courses and other recreational pursuit or sports activities on  the island (20% discount on PADI diving course for interns)


  • PADI Open Water Course (4-5 day session): USD 520 (less 20% discount for interns)
  • PADI Advanced Course (2-4 day session): USD 570

We offer internship essentials which you may opt to add on your internship abroad experience. One of which is the monthly sessions with our world class professional development consultant.This option aims to assist  you maximize your professional and personal development during the course of your internship. You’ll be glad to attend each 1.5-hour individual session to help you carefully reflect on your experience, set personal goals, and make certain that your internship learnings and training will positively impact your career.

Monthly fee: USD 65

Tofo, Mozambique
All Year
4-12 WEEKS
Marine Research
From USD 2,300
  • Involvement in a multidimensional marine field research 
  • Join a world class research team
  • Add value to vital marine conservation work
  • Take delight in the amazing opportunity for day trips or travels during your time offs
  • Sojourn and work in an incredible tropical paradise


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