Cayman Islands: Divemaster Internship

Discover career potentials as you dive and drift in the Caribbean.

Start your career in scientific diving with a 3-month Divemaster Internship in the Cayman Islands. This 3-month comprehensive marine science dive training program will allow you to study and assist in the conservation of the marine ecosystem in the Caribbean and also complete your PADI Divemaster certification. This is integrated with marine research and marine education, and is customized to match each participant’s goals and needs. This professional diving internship experience will equip the interns with a set of adaptable skill sets that will enable them to thrive in every role as they pursue a career in the water sport industry or in marine science.

Interns will obtain invaluable learnings on advanced diving techniques, emergency response skills, rescue skills, and in guiding educational groups. Career enhancement workshops and training on public speaking and poster presentation are also provided to divemaster interns in the Cayman Islands.

  • Make vital contributions to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s (CCMI) coral restoration program
  • Get a PADI Divemaster Certification alongside your internship
  • Gain hands-on professional experience in scientific diving

Roles & Tasks:

Marine Impact’s Divemaster Internship entails the following responsibilities:

  • Provide assistance to the Research and Education Managers for all diving-related operations
  • Take part in all clean-up efforts and diving program activities, from logistical planning to execution
  • Be the frontliner to meet and assist all visiting research and educational groups
  • Get involved in all aspects of communications, research, and operations at the CCMI
  • Contribute to the general delivery of research and education projects
  • Gather all needed equipment and supplies for classroom exercises and field excursions
  • Lend a helping hand to all coral restoration activities and research scuba dives, as well as in the maintenance of the nursery
  • Guide all outdoor activities – snorkeling, diving, swimming,kayaking, hiking/walking , and cycling
  • Aid in filling scuba cylinders and checking scuba gear
  • Join in CCMI’s conservation activities and in the execution of local outreach events
  • Put together communications materials to be used in various platforms (email templates, announcements, social media posts, etc.)
  • Conduct needed CCMI workshops, coursework, and lectures  
  • Help in delivering daily operations and maintenance at a remote field station
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Join Marine Impact and the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) in the Cayman Islands, where cutting-edge marine science and coral reef research is actively conducted through the CCMI’s remarkable research station built in 2005. CCMI’s resident research team works on solutions to confront the aftermath of disease and climate change on the Cayman’s coral reef and also studies restoration, adaptation, and acclimatization. All divemaster interns in the Cayman Islands get to work alongside this exceptional research team. CCMI is featured every year in top scientific journals making the institute one of the highly-regarded organizations among its peers. You’ll be glad to work closely with an institution that actively welcomes international researchers, research teams, education groups, and university courses during your internship in the Cayman Islands.


The CCMI research station is based in Little Cayman, the most famous part of the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. Little Cayman is known for its incredible diving and sea giants sighting spots. It also prides itself in being among the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean. While interning in the Cayman Islands you’ll be able to have close encounters with large schools of grouper, rays, and even sharks. As the least populated among the islands, you are also sure to enjoy quiet strolls along the beach and swimming in the tropical waters most people only dream of.

All Marine Impact’s interns in the Cayman Islands stay at the CCMI, in a dorm-style lodging that provides everything you need to feel at home. You’ll have breathtaking daily ocean views, an outdoor and common area to socialize and share stories with other interns, beach front access, hot showers, and WiFi access. Interns can also prepare their own breakfast and enjoy freshly-cooked lunches and dinners.


Just like any tropical destination, you’ll experience and enjoy warm tropical weather year-round while interning in Little Cayman. August and September are the hottest months, while summer – which can be wet and hot – starts in June and ends in October. The windy and sunny days, with less rain, tend to fall between November and May, but the coolest yet warm months are December and January.

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Increase your diving skills by completing the SDI Advanced Adventure Diving and Research Diver courses along with the DAN’s Diving First Aid for Professionals. Learn techniques required to conduct research underwater, though active participation in current research projects where you will monitor the health of reef populations and assist with restoration efforts. Completion of these courses will position you for future employment in marine research and conservation, while assisting the important work conducted by CCMI. These dives will also give you a chance to experience the wonders of tropical coral reefs and dive on the most beautiful and pristine reefs in Caribbean. Additional certification options are available including: Nitrox Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, Advanced Buoyancy Control, and Search and Recovery.


Physical conservation work is a vital part of wildlife conservation (and a lot more fun than you would think it would be), so you will have plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty. Whether you assist in collecting rubbish from the beach or identifying lionfish gut content, the work you do is key to the survival of coral reefs and success of conservation in the area. It transforms the land and sea back into a healthy habitat where wildlife can flourish.


You will work alongside our conservation team to compile data into reports, maps, and presentations. Some of the techniques you will learn about include coral and fish identification, monitoring of threatened conch populations, restoration techniques, and terrestrial conservation. Your observations are essential for providing critical information that will influence conservation strategies that protect endangered and vulnerable wildlife.
These research sessions will teach you about data collection and compilation techniques that are used to influence conservation strategies. Conservationists and field guides can use this data to monitor the health of Little Cayman Island for years to come.


Sustainable conservation is only possible with the education and inclusion of all people that visit an ecosystem. Working with the local dive resorts, you will help us teach conservation education by attendance and participation in weekly public seminars in order to raise awareness around local and global conservation issues.You will also get involved in physical conservation activities organized by the local community that help us restore habitats and eco-systems, including cleaning local beaches or removing invasive species (Iguanas and Lionfish).

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June – September 2024

July – October 2024

*NOTE: Maximum of 2 internships available per year


3 months: US$7,500

  • Accommodation throughout your stay
  • A help-yourself breakfast and 2 cooked meals per day
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • 24/7 support from experienced international and local staff
  • Full orientation to ensure you contribute responsibly
  • Project equipment and resources
  • WiFi
  • Insurances (Travel and Medical)
  • Flights/Air Fares
  • Visa Related Costs
  • Snacks, gifts, soft drinks, souvenirs
  • Off-project Scuba Diving activities
  • US$ 25 Mandatory Contribution donated to the Sustainability Fund
  • Off-project tours or personal weekend trips
  • Advanced Open Water SCUBA certification
  • Current DAN dive insurance
June/July 2024
3 months
Marine Science Education
  • Explore the rich and stunning marine life in the iconic Cayman Islands
  • Practice and enhance divemaster skills as you lead water sports and other outdoor activities
  • Contribute to the impactful conservation initiatives and clean-up efforts for the tropical waters in Little Cayman
  • Enjoy diving into the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea
  • Gain a practical professional diving work-experience from an esteemed marine research institute in the Cayman Islands


Diver holding a camera underwater


Underwater Photography & Conservation Internship in the Cayman Islands

Underwater Photography & Conservation Internship in the Cayman Islands

5th September-30th September 2024

Little Cayman Islands


Join our field guides and conservation team on one the most pristine coral reef habitats in the Caribbean for the ultimate underwater photography and conservation experience.