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Calling out new and soon-to-be graduates, what’s the next plan? Are you anxious or excited? Still haven’t decided what to do to fill the gap – will you take a break and have a carefree vacation, or do something worthwhile for the world? 

With the uncertainties of time and the overstaying yet controlled pandemic, I understand you might think you now have very limited options for your career endeavors. With this pandemic era and its restrictions, the majority of the world has migrated from offline to online. Hence, you might have already excluded volunteering abroad from your bucket list. Might even have thought that physical or face-to-face volunteering is no longer an option. I’m sorry to disappoint you with your theory. But, you can now get your dream international volunteer adventure!

Earth is still a big world for all of us, and committed volunteers are still needed everywhere. One of which is the mesmerizing marine ecosystem. What if I tell you that adding on your resume your in-depth and concentrated conservation effort for marine wildlife could actually boost it and make you stand out from the rest? Awesome, right?!

Sharing with you reliable information on how a Marine Volunteer program can benefit you and your career.

8 Ways a Marine Volunteer Program Can Benefit You & Your Career

  1. Conservation project is like a saving-the-planet project! Nothing could be more fulfilling than being a hero for Earth. The Marine Conservation project equates to saving 97% of the world’s water. Doing an altruistic deed for mankind leaves a positive impact not only on this planet, but also on your resume. It shows that you are driven and capable of real and hard work, and passionate about using your free time for a meaningful and significant cause.
  2. Marine Volunteer projects deliver global sustainable conservation efforts with long-term impact, and this adds global worth to your market value in the corporate world. How would you feel being a part of a Great White Shark Conservation project? Bottomline, you also make a sustainable and significant contribution.
  3. Inspire the world by initiating a beach clean-up drive that will impact not only marine life but also the local community. Non-biodegradable wastes from companies and careless tourists are polluting the waters. Any company would love to have you as they recognize the initiative and leadership skills you have shown for such a meaningful cause.
  4. Contribute to meaningful projects with global reach. Like the Invasive Lionfish Management and Coral Reef Conservation project in Little Cayman Island where you will be working alongside a team of world class scientists and researchers finding solutions to natural phenomena like coral bleaching, which has a global impact. Your contribution adds to the team’s positive impact globally.
  5. Learn and speak a new language. Taking a Marine Research and Conservation program in Mozambique gives you the opportunity to learn and be accustomed to the country’s culture and language. Portuguese is the native language of Mozambique, and you will have ample time to practice the language during the volunteer period. Having more than one learned language listed on your resume is truly a green flag.
  6. Enhance your skill set. You will learn new skills during your marine volunteer abroad travel, and also develop the existing skill set that you have. Learning Underwater Photography is something unique and a new ability to add to my resume! Having advanced expertise and knowing that the local community of your volunteering journey benefited from your skills will not only give you joy but also enthusiasm which will be clearly evident as you speak about your meaningful experiences to future employers.
  7. You are provided with a unique experience that could reinforce or may lead to a new career path or interest. Having real field work experience gives you the opportunity to receive professional insight, new knowledge, or a deeper understanding that could influence your career path.
  8. Marine volunteering gives you a universal and extensive awareness on diversified issues. One of which is the global issue on Coral Reefs Restoration, that will give you brand-new aptitude and also increase your versatility. In addition, you get to witness the diverse ways of people of different cultures, beliefs and influences towards a principle that you may or may not know about. This gives rise to you finding solutions, fresh perspectives or brand-new methods that you could apply in your career or even in your personal life.

Joining a volunteering program and mentioning the experience on your CV and during job interviews will practically display to future employers your impressive work ethic. And personally, this also helps you make a clear picture and well-informed decision to define your career plans or enhance your career path.