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What are our top Marine Projects?

If you’re looking for a marine volunteer program, then we know you are one of us – people who enjoy being outside in sun and sea, love the ocean, mesmerized by everything that lies underneath the waves, passionate about marine conservation – and we have the best of the best impactful marine volunteering projects for you!

The ocean is a big world with huge amounts of marine animal species in it – and some of them are getting close to extinction. Marine life is faced with several natural and man-made problems, and only a small-scale of its diversity and vitality is recognized by many. We strongly believe in the value of volunteering and how it can help resolve some of the sea life challenges by protecting and safeguarding the marine ecosystem. A marine volunteer experience can help shape lives and make a difference in the world.

Check our top 5 Marine Projects:

  1. Zanzibar Dolphin Research & Marine Conservation (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Enjoy each day spent with these clever cetaceans! In order to help protect the dolphins, it is important to monitor them closely and ethically.

  1. Great White Shark Conservation in Gansbaai (Western Cape, South Africa)

These sea predators also need our care and protection from threats of needless acts of man. Study this sea megafauna up-close (from the safety of a steel cage) and be involved in the conservation efforts and have a life changing experience.

  1. Underwater Photography and Conservation (Little Cayman Island)

Imagine the combination of adventure, excitement and education! Capture things and events underwater that the world needs to see and know, while you make a significant contribution on the conservation initiatives done by the host community

  1. Coral Reef Restoration and Research Diving (Little Cayman Island)

Put your passion for scuba diving into practice, and pursue to plunge the boundaries of what you can achieve underwater about the enchanting coral reef and how you can contribute to its restoration. It’s a research and adventure combo for you!

  1. Tropical Reef Management and Marine Conservation (Little Cayman Island)

Dive on the pristine coral reefs and study how they function and gradually survive. Be involved on how to ethically eradicate the invasive lionfish species for the fragile ecosystem.

Pick your marine volunteer project now! Get in touch if you have any questions.